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Why Your Car Squeals When You Start It


One of the most annoying sounds known to man or woman is a loud squeal every time you start your car, truck, or SUV.  It's got to be a belt, right?   Those of us who have experienced a belt squealing, know how irritating it can be. Every time you start your car, you have to listen to the engine scream for several seconds while everyone in the parking lot stares at you. No fun. It is a sure sign that you need to make an appointment at the shop here at Custom Auto World in Prospect Park PA to get it fixed! 

But what exactly is it and what does it really mean?  Is it really important?  The noise is coming from the drive belt up front, one or more of which run your alternator, AC, water pump, etc. It may squeal only when cold, only the first time you start it for the day, only for a second, or it may never seem to stop. Any amount is too much, however, and it’s something that’s a quick and easy fix - not to mention it’ll save you from getting stranded with a broken belt.  In most cases, the belt simply needs to be replaced and tightened to the right specification. In some instances, other issues are at fault. Your tensioner may be bad, a pulley may be locked up or bent, or fluids could be leaking onto the belt. If that’s the case, our technicians will know exactly what to do; don’t worry.  We will get the answers quickly and knowing what it is faster will help us fix the problem before it gets too bad many times.

No matter your repair or maintenance needs, we’ve got you covered. If you have a noisy belt that’s driving you crazy, let us take care of it for you...before it becomes a costly job.  It will save you the stress of listening to it every time you start your engine and reduce those repair bills. For the best auto service shop in Prospect Park, PA, call or stop by Custom Auto World today.

When Was The Last Time You Got Your Oil Changed? Is it Time?

Oil Change

At Custom Auto World in Prospect Park, PA, we do our best to keep you on the road. A huge part of that is vehicle maintenance; when was the last time you changed your oil?  It’s all too easy to skip an oil change - when you’re busy, the lifespan of your oil runs its course faster than you think. Make sure you’re keeping track of the time and mileage since your last oil change, and take a few minutes to get it done on time, every time.

Oil changes are the single largest determining factor in the lifespan of your engine. And, unlike other issues, you won’t notice an immediate effect if you skip an oil change now and then. However, as soon as the lifespan of your oil has run its course, it quits absorbing pollutants that are damaging to your engine, and debris and poor oil begin to damage your bearings and other moving parts. On modern cars, it’s particularly damaging - variable valve timing, turbochargers, and active fuel management systems are controlled by oil pressure and flow, through tiny passageways that can easily become blocked, causing total engine failure in many cases.

Furthermore, manufacturers are in a race to guarantee the longest time between oil changes - some are even recommending once a year or every 15k miles. While these aren’t the cars or lubricants of yesteryear, and changing your oil every 3k miles may be unnecessary, we don’t recommend going over about 5k miles between changes. The type of car, truck, or SUV you drive, how you drive it, the conditions you drive in, and the oil you use all factor in...but by and large, changing the oil at acceptable intervals will inevitably save you an engine.

No matter your repair or maintenance needs, our technicians have you covered. For the best auto service shop in Prospect Park, PA, call or stop by Custom Auto World today.

We know cars here! & Trucks!


At Custom Auto World in Prospect Park, PA, we know a lot about your car, truck, or SUV and stay up to date on our training for anything new plus keep the latest and greatest in diagnostic equipment so we can get to the root of any problem fast.   There’s nothing on your vehicle that can’t be fixed with some hard work and ingenuity. From new tires to engine replacements, our technicians have your back.

The theory behind our success is simple really, we treat your car, truck or SUV as if it were ours - better yet as if it belonged to our mom.  We want to keep you safe and on the road without any large repair bills that could be avoided by doing your scheduled maintenance.  If we see an issue on the horizon, we share the details with you so we can come up with a plan of action and keep it simple which equals less costs.  We build our shop on great value and customers who have sent their families into our care.  It's more than a job here to take care of your truck or car, it's a responsibility we enjoy every day. 

Make sure your car lasts for years to come, by having it serviced here - we know how to keep you on the road, and going strong.  No matter your repair or maintenance needs, we’ve got you covered. For the best auto service shop in Prospect Park, PA, call or stop by Custom Auto World today.  Trust the expert technicians with the right tools, the experience and the commitment to quality work!

Flat Tire? Here’s What To Do

Flat Tire

At some point, you’re gonna get a flat tire. It’s just a hazard of driving. At Custom Auto World in Prospect Park, PA, we like to do what we can to keep you and your car ready for anything. That is why we check your tires each time you are in the shop and keep them rotated on time.  We like to see a safe and reliable amount of tread on those tires when you are in here and will be advising you if you need to be looking at getting new ones in advance of the time it's really time.  That way you know in advance and are ready for that extra expense when you come in to put those tires on and have already decided what kind IF you are getting something different!

However, we want you to be safe and ready IF something every happens!  First you need to know that you’ll lose most control of your steering, which is dangerous so if you get a flat, the first thing you do is get safely out of the way.  Don’t try and make it home or drive just down the road.   You'll risk doing damage to your car.  Without a good tire connecting you to the road, your suspension and steering components will be under a lot of stress. It’s possible to break something or knock something out of whack far enough that major repairs will be needed. Furthermore, you’ll damage the rim, which is going to be expensive to replace and make changing the tire a lot more difficult.   So pull over safely out of traffic.  Call for towing.  Close your vehicle up tightly and call 911 to advise them of the traffic issue.   If you are feeling brave and want to change that tire, remember to use extreme caution.

NOTE:  Some insurance policies include a Towing Option for as little as a couple of dollars a month for the entire household!  Check with your provider!  They cover the entire bill.

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Dead Battery? Quick Fix-Jump Start A Car


At some point or another, we’ve pretty much all dealt with a dead car battery, we don't like it and if you don't do your scheduled maintenance then there is a much higher chance you will be dealing with a dead battery so we felt that it was a great idea to share information on the details of how to jump start your battery!  Here’s everything you need to know, from Custom Auto World in Prospect Park, PA. 

First question we get from a new customer that has had this issue is how could my battery be dead?  It was okay yesterday?   Our answer is a question first of when they last had their vehicle serviced?  Then the answer is as easy sometimes as:  Maybe you left a dome light on, a door ajar, or didn’t flip the headlight switch all the way off. You come outside a couple of hours later, and your car, truck, or SUV doesn’t have the juice to start. The dash lights might flicker, or if you really drained it, you don’t get anything at all when you turn the key.

The real question these days is Do you keep jumper cables in your car?  It’s a lot easier to find someone able to help if you do. Most people are more than willing to give you a jump, if you just ask. Have them pull up as close as necessary to your car - it’s easier if you get the position of your battery lined up with theirs and get out your all important vehicle manual. 

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What Temperature Does Gasoline Freeze At?


As cold weather grips much of the country, there’s a good chance you’ll either have to live with it or travel through it at some point this winter. You may have never considered the freezing point of gasoline as an issue, but should you? Custom Auto World in Prospect Park, PA has the answer.

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