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Flat Tire? Here’s What To Do

Flat Tire

At some point, you’re gonna get a flat tire. It’s just a hazard of driving. At Custom Auto World in Prospect Park, PA, we like to do what we can to keep you and your car ready for anything. That is why we check your tires each time you are in the shop and keep them rotated on time.  We like to see a safe and reliable amount of tread on those tires when you are in here and will be advising you if you need to be looking at getting new ones in advance of the time it's really time.  That way you know in advance and are ready for that extra expense when you come in to put those tires on and have already decided what kind IF you are getting something different!

However, we want you to be safe and ready IF something every happens!  First you need to know that you’ll lose most control of your steering, which is dangerous so if you get a flat, the first thing you do is get safely out of the way.  Don’t try and make it home or drive just down the road.   You'll risk doing damage to your car.  Without a good tire connecting you to the road, your suspension and steering components will be under a lot of stress. It’s possible to break something or knock something out of whack far enough that major repairs will be needed. Furthermore, you’ll damage the rim, which is going to be expensive to replace and make changing the tire a lot more difficult.   So pull over safely out of traffic.  Call for towing.  Close your vehicle up tightly and call 911 to advise them of the traffic issue.   If you are feeling brave and want to change that tire, remember to use extreme caution.

NOTE:  Some insurance policies include a Towing Option for as little as a couple of dollars a month for the entire household!  Check with your provider!  They cover the entire bill.


To change your tire IF you haven't done so before, consult your vehicle manual - google it - consult youtube.com!  Above all keep an eye on traffic!

The jack that comes with your car is an emergency tool - never get put any part of your body under the car while it’s supported by the jack. Break the lugnuts free before you do anything else. Next, jack the car up, making sure it stays steady and well balanced the entire time. Next finish taking the lugnuts off, pull the wheel off, and put your spare tire on. Tighten the lugnuts as much as you can, let the jack down, and finish tightening them before setting off again. Be sure to have your tire replaced and get the original wheel re-installed as soon as possible - the spare is typically only suitable for emergencies as well.

If you need a tire, simply call the shop and we will be sure to have what you need on hand.  If you need more than that due to anything damaged by the flat tire, we can take care of that as well.  No matter your repair or maintenance needs, our technicians have you covered. For the best car, truck, and SUV service shop in Prospect Park, PA, call or stop by Custom Auto World today.



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